Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Workout Direction

Howdy!  Since I shared a few recipes yesterday, I thought sideline New Recipe Tuesday and instead talk about something other than food.  (I know, booo)

How about working out?  (Eh, booo … nah, just kidding)

So you probably know that I’ve been hopping on and off the workout train for a while now.  I just can’t seem to get motivated to stick with a workout plan right now.  I don’t know why, and it’s driving me crazy because I really want to get back to a normal, few days a week workout routine, because I miss it.  I think the reason why I can’t find it in me to stick with it is a mix of boredom, and not having a set routine that I can rely on each day.  (and the weather – I hate hate hate when it’s cold)

I toyed with starting a program that I could follow that told me, every day, what workout to do and for how long.  But when I thought about embarking on T25 or Insanity again I just wanted to cry.  Yes, they are fabulous workout programs where I see major results, but I just can’t.  It’s too much.  And then I toyed with just sucking it up and getting back outside and running, but it’s freakin cold outside!  (I know, just tell me to shut my mouth about “cold”)

So I did a little bit of research around the interwebs about fitness websites like Grokker and Fit Fusion, and I found Daily Burn.  

Daily Burn is a site that provides you access to hundreds of fitness programs from trainers you know (like Bob Harper – love him!).  They offer pretty much any type of workout you want – crazy cardio, yoga, pilates, targeted strength training, etc etc.  And they were offering a free month, so I decided, “what the hell, it’s free!”

It was easy to start my free trial – they asked a series of questions about my fitness level and goals, and they took my answers and recommended a training program to focus on.  At first I labeled myself as “Advanced – Challenge me don’t hold back!” and they recommended a P90X-style type of program from Bob.  I was like “oh no no, that’s too much” and scaled back my answer to “Intermediate – I have some workout experience” – which is sort of an understatement, but given the fact that I’m not doing anything now, it’s probably the most accurate.  Anyway, the program they recommended was Daily Burn 365, which is their live series.  (If you can’t catch it live, you can replay it when it’s convenient for you) 

This actually got me a little bit excited.  I don’t know what the workouts entail, and that seems to be motivating me.  I’m actually a little bit excited about working out, because of the unknown.  Weird, right?

I perused the site and noticed that they had all kinds of really cool looking workouts that I wanted to try, so I decided to craft my own schedule for the first week, just to see the variety they provided.  Here’s what I decided on for this week.

Monday - IntelliBurn Tabata Transformation 
20 seconds “on”, 10 seconds “off” for 38 minutes – I can do anything for 20 seconds

Tuesday – Introduction to Pilates
I love and miss regular Pilates classes, so I’m starting over at the ground level.  

Wednesday – Daily Burn 365 
A mix of cardio and strength for 30-ish minutes, and it’s live so you feel like you’re in a class with real people, not actors.

Thursday – Introduction to Pilates 
Again, because I want to make this a routine and get good again.

Friday – Blackfire ABC 
Which I may live to regret, that’s the hard one, we’ll see.

Saturday – Break from Daily Burn to run 4 miles 
I have another race!  Aaaah!

Sunday – Pilates Classic 1 
The next step in the Pilates series.

Having a new, different workout each day of the week has kept me interested (so far, it is only Tuesday, haha).  I’ve gotten up both yesterday and today excited to see what my workout was.  It’s kind of awesome.

Monday’s workout was tough.  Tabata is high intensity interval training, so it’s a rigorous move for 20 seconds and then a rest period for 10, repeated 6 times.  This particular workout we did a good workout, a squat challenge and then started the tabata portion which consisted of 5 exercises repeated tabata-style 6 times.   The moves were different that stuff I normally do, which I liked, and it was tough.  Today I am FEELING it. 

Today was Pilates, and I was instantly in love with Andrea Speir.  She reminded me so much of my Pilates instructor from many moons ago (when I used to go religiously at my gym).  It brought me back and it gave me a fantastic workout, which I’m hoping will help me with my lower back issues I’ve been having lately.  Stronger core = less back stress.  Win! 

All in all, I am very much enjoying Daily Burn.  It’s gotten me excited about working out – something I haven’t felt in a while.  So there’s a lot to be said about variety.  Here’s hoping I can keep it up.

And just a disclaimer:  Daily Burn has no idea I am talking about them and I am not being compensated at all for this (I wish I was). 

How about you … Do you subscribe to any fitness sites?  

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