Thursday, February 11, 2016

Scenes From My Phone - Vol 1

Hello! I don't have a bunch of stuff to talk about today so I thought I'd do something that I've seen on other blogs that I always enjoy ... Random screen shots I've taken on my phone. Fun right?

So very true. 

Looks like a good workout. 

I am not a fingernail! 

Yes, sigh, very true. 

Jordyn is officially an artist on Spotify!!!!! 

I walked up four flights of stairs the other day with my gargantuan 30 lb computer bag and I was literally huffing and puffing as if I had run a 5 minute mile. 

I heart Baymax. And this is true. 

Sometimes you just need "me time."

I did a height calculator to see how tall Jillian would grow up to be based in her height and weight today, our height, etc, and this is what they predict ... 6 foot 3?! I am really hoping this is grossly inaccurate! 

Have a good day!

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  1. Being tall is not a bad thing. Lizzy is 5'7" and she's 15. She will probably top out at that height or a bit taller. The thing with tall kids is to teach them not to slouch. I know she's only 3, but to have her maintain a proper posture and embrace her height, I would recommend karate (great life skills and you need proper posture) and ballet (again, proper posture). Lizzy does both and is proud to be taller than most of her friends. She also wears 3" heels with her dresses.