Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Five - March 18

It’s Friday already?   It’s been a weird week.  I’ve been off a day since Tuesday.  On Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday, and then when Friday got here I was like “it’s Friday already?”  Weird. 

Part of my reasoning for it being a weird week could be my extreme lack of sleep this week due to being “sick.”  I put sick in quotations because I’m not really sick, or at least I don’t feel bad enough to call myself sick, but I definitely have something going on.  I have had laryngitis for a good portion of the week.  On Saturday I woke up and had no voice.  I felt fine, just a little chest congestion contributing to the laryngitis, but I just couldn’t talk.  And it has been up and down since then.  I feel the worst at night when I have a persistent tickle in my throat, so going to sleep has been a chore all week.  I’ll doze and then a minute later I’ll be coughing and then I’ll be awake, and then I’ll doze again… vicious cycle.  I’ve gone two nights now finally falling asleep in the 2 o’clock hour and waking up in the 6 o’clock hour.  Oy. 


On Tuesday it was our turn to vote, so I did!

I was expecting long lines at the polls so I went at a super weird time (11:00) and there was no one there.  Perfect. 

Time change
I’m not excited about this time change yet.  I love the idea of it being lighter later and all that, but I hate that it’s now darker in the morning.   I know it’ll eventually get lighter earlier as we get closer to summer (wait, it’s not spring yet?), but still.  It makes me not want to get up and go outside and run…

…but I did!  Despite the dark and the lack of sleep this week I have gotten up every morning for a workout.  Proud about that.  I got out for a run on Wednesday morning and, hot damn, it was a GREAT run.  You know when you have a run where everything is just working and you feel great and everything is sunshine and rainbows and puppy dogs?  That’s how this run was.  It was so great.  I’ve noticed that my core is stronger when I run now, and the lower back pain is gone, which is so flippin amazing.  Pilates.  I’m telling you.  But yeah, this run was just … awesome.  Here’s how my week went workout-wise:

Daily Burn workouts The Challenge and 5/10 in 9 (some crazy workout with boxing and weights and stuff)

Pilates Classic 1

Run + Pilates Stretch

Pilates Classic 2 (I’ve graduated)

LUC 180 (I don’t know what it stands for, but it’s good)

Long(ish) run + Pilates Stretch


Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixir

Say what?  Yeah.  I received this hair oil in my latest Birchbox and thought “eh, it’s probably like BioSilk.”  I’ve used BioSilk in my hair since high school and recently switched to something else (Chi something or other, which I like).  I tried this on my hair on Wednesday and WOW.  Usually after I blow dry my hair it’s not as silky smooth as I would like.  With this stuff it is.  I really don’t even have to flat iron after blow drying if I don’t want to when I use this stuff.  It’s freaking amazing.  My hair is silky and smooth and just wow.  It’s good.  I’m adding it to my ever growing list of things to buy from Birchbox.  Danger.

And that's it!  Happy Friday folks!  

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