Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Me Gushing About Daily Burn

So as you know I’ve been working through a free trial of Daily Burn, a fitness website that offers a library of workouts for basically anyone.  And I love it.  Like love love love it.

I found Daily Burn at a time where I wasn’t really on the workout wagon, I was sort of in a funk on the workouts I wanted to be doing (“do I want to run?”, “do I want to do a program?, “should I go back to the gym?”).  Daily Burn offers me pretty much anything and everything I could possibly want to do.  In the mood for yoga, they have it.  In the mood for crazy cardio?  They’ve got it.  Kickboxing?  Sure.  Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a workout for that.  Love that.  And it really motivated me to get up and get going because it wasn’t the same old workout I had done the day before.  So it has kept things fresh and exciting.

OMG, Frozen songs are on infinite repeat in my brain these days.

I’ve now finished my free month-long trial and I can honestly say that I am more than happy continuing my membership.  It’s only $12.95 per month, and I think that is well worth it.  I actually took a look back at the number of workouts I did during my trial.  Over the month long trial I did 18 workouts, and if you break that down by the membership fee of $12.95, that equates to $0.72 per workout.  Can’t beat that, right?  Also, I did Pilates 8 times (2x per week).  That’s more Pilates than I’ve done in about 10 years, and I am noticing a difference already in my body, my posture and my pesky lower back pain.  I love Pilates so much, which makes me love Daily Burn for offering up a whole Pilates program on their site.


What I also love is the fact that I’m doing different workouts.  Workouts that I might normally shy away from because they’re not in my wheelhouse, such as workouts with lots of lunges, squats, planks, etc.  I’m finding that I actually enjoy these types of workouts.  Weird huh?  I always thought I was a cardio workout junkie (think Insanity, T25, Shaun T in general), but I am kind of enjoying not feeling like my heart is going to explode during a workout (no offense to Shaun T, I love that too, just not all the time).  Anyway, bottom line, variety is key for me and Daily Burn offers that.

So, now that my trial is over I am going to continue forking over $0.43/day to have Daily Burn at my disposal (that’s 12.95 divided by 30 days per month – I’m a mathematician), because it’s really working for me and I’m really enjoying it and … $0.43/day!  Plus I have a zillion workouts that I haven’t even tried yet!

Interested?  Click here to customize your free trial!

All that said, here's my workout schedule for this week:

Monday - Rest (need a rest from cruising hard, haha)

Tuesday - Pilates Classic 1 (one day I will graduate to Classic 2)

Wednesday - Daily Burn Total Body

Thursday - Pilates Classic 1

Friday - Cardio Sculpt Blast and Burn

Saturday - 10K (eek!)

Sunday - Rest

How about you... What are your workouts this week?  Anyone on Daily Burn?

And, nope, not being compensated in any way, shape or form by Daily Burn (although if anyone is reading, hook me up!!).  I’m just writing about it because I am loving it and wanted to share the greatness of this site, because I’m nice like that.  You're welcome.

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