Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Recipe Tue... er, Wednesday

Howdy!  Today I’m actually doing a “New Recipe Wednesday” post (used to be Tuesday, but I didn’t cook until Tuesday evening so…).  It’s been a really long time since I shared a recipe.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve cooked a new-to-me recipe (or cooked at all…um…)

Anywho, today’s recipe was inspiration from Courtney’s Weekly Meal Plan post the other day.  The Crispy Baked Honey Garlic Chicken looked and sounded delicious, so I thought I’d try it out.  Here’s what I did…

Since it’s only Hubs and I (Jillian had something different since I’m sure she’d be like “um, no” to Honey Garlic chicken), I halved the recipe and cut up 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts into small chunks.

Then I dredged them in egg and Panko.

And placed them on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and cooked them at 400 for 15 minutes. 

While this was cooking, I whipped up the sauce.  I whisked together honey, soy sauce, Sriracha and garlic powder over medium-high heat.  In a separate bowl I mixed together a water and cornstarch “slurry” (as Pioneer Woman calls it) and whisked it into the sauce. 

It made the sauce nice and thick. 


Once the chicken was done, I added the sauce and voila, Honey Garlic Chicken.  Spooned it on top of some brown rice and I had a Pei Wei worthy meal.

The verdict:  It was good!  The flavor was a little different than what I was expecting, but it was tasty.  I loved the breaded, semi crispy chunks of chicken and how the sauce stuck to it.  Mental note though, don’t make the sauce right away.  I made and finished my sauce with still 7 minutes left on the chicken, so by the time the chicken came out the sauce was like glue.  Still good, but hard to maneuver.

Warning, this recipe makes your kitchen look like a tornado blew through.  Hubs actually said, it looked like a mad scientist had been in our kitchen.  It was mess, but I’ll take that as a nice compliment.  Fair warning though.

Here’s the real recipe if you’re interested in trying it yourself.  

Overall, it was great getting back in the kitchen and playing.  I need to do this more often!

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