Monday, March 14, 2016

Winter Park Road Race 10K

On Saturday I laced up and ran the Winter Park Road Race 10K and man, it was great! Best race I've run all year. 

have decided that 10Ks are my jam - long enough to be considered a long-ish race, and short enough to not be too daunting (or require much training). 

What I love about normal (non-Disney) races is the fact that they start at a normal time of morning. Disney races start in the 5am hour, which requires you to wake up in the 3am hour, which is stupid. Regular races begin at 7 or 7:30, which is much more acceptable. 

Anyway, this race started at 7:30 which is perfect. I got there, geared up (you know, iPod, headphones, Spibelt, Garmin, visor - it takes a lot for me to run a race, apparently) and then realized I had to go to the bathroom. Porta potty time. Awesome. 

Once I got up to the start line festivities I realized that the porta potty line was literally a mile long and I had approximately 9 minutes until the race started, so I started to panic a bit. Thankfully the line went super fast and I was in and out with plenty of time to selfie it up and get to the start line. 

I ended up starting in the way way back by the stroller section because I couldn't get up any further. I hate being back this far because I always feel vulnerable, like I'm going to be last (or get steamrolled by a stroller). I know in my heart I will never be last, but I always feel like if I'm in the way way back I will be. Silly I know. 

The gun literally went off about 2 minutes later.  I barely had time to get my iPod situated.  I fumbled with my Interval app as I was running across the start line, sheesh.  And I was off!  6.2 miles ahead of me.  

I started off faster than I normally run, like I always do, and I ran through my first 2 or 3 intervals just to get out of the mass humanity of people.  Once the crowd thinned out, I was able to drop down into my first walking interval.  I did 2/2s again - this is best for me.  And I kept up my intervals again for the entire race.  I am so happy about that.  

I felt great for the entire race.  My runs were great, the walks were welcomed, and I never felt like I needed to walk during a running interval, which was awesome, and surprising.  I think I’m really getting better at this running thing, go figure!  

The course was pretty flat, but there were some uphills that I was cursing (of course those had to be during running intervals).  A lot of the course was on cobblestone roads which, ick.  I had to be uber careful because I easily trip on flat surfaces (klutzy), so uneven cobblestone I was sort of having a panic attack over.  Thankfully I didn't trip or fall once.  Go me.

I really felt awesome throughout the whole race.  Mentally though, by the end of the race I was ready to be done, which made me nervous considering I have a half marathon coming up. If I was feeling that way at the end of 6.2, how am I going to do 13.1?  Obviously my mindset will be different at the half, but I’m just hoping I don’t poop out before the end.  I am really hoping to stick to my intervals for that whole race as well.  Guess I should train, huh?  

The finish line came and went, I got my medal and my souvenir glass, ate a bunch of strawberries and bananas and Gatorade and made my way back to the car.  

All in all, my favorite race of the year so far in terms of how I felt, how I performed and just the race in general.  This was the last race in the 2015-2016 Track Shack Fanatic Series (the one I started last August) and you can bet I will be signing up for this year’s series as well, because it was great to always have a race on the horizon.  Always something to look forward to.

Hooray for running!  

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