Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Five - April 1

FRI-YAY!  And Happy April Fools Day!  I’m not a partaker in April Fools pranks, so I won’t be fooling anyone around here, but if that’s your thing, I hope you get someone good today!  Here’s my five for the week...

1)  Zootopia

When Hubs and I went on our Disney cruise (almost a month ago, still haven’t written a recap post, bad girl) it was the same weekend that Zootopia came out, so it was a big deal on our cruise.  They played it at all of the theaters on the ship multiple times, so we were lucky enough to see it on opening day.  I actually kept saying “we get to see a new movie for FREE!” and Hubs was like, “well, not necessarily free...”  OK, so it was the most expensive movie we’ve ever seen, but whatever.  

Anyway, the movie was fantastic!  I wasn’t all that excited about seeing it, it looked okay, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good, how adorable and how funny it was.  It had a very adult storyline with a really good message for kids and tackled things like bullying and things relevant today for kids. I was really a big fan of it.  And apparently the world is too.  To date it’s made $252 million in the US alone and has the highest grossing opening weekend of any Disney animated movie, Frozen included!  And I’m happy to say I got to see it for FREE.  

Jillian got to go to Zootopia while we were out at Downtown Disney one weekend.  Hee.

Hangin with Nick and Officer Judy Hopps (did anyone catch the 21 Jump Street reference there?).

2)  Brilliant Ideas
I love office supplies.  More, I love pretty notebooks to write in.  Last week when I went to Homegoods I passed by the office decor aisle and was blown away by the number of beautiful/fun/cute/clever notebooks/journals/organizers they had.  Seriously, I went a little nuts trying to decide which one I wanted to buy.  I didn’t need any, but I knew I had to buy one (or two) just because I knew that when I really wanted/needed to buy one I wouldn’t be able to find anything close to this cute.  After much deliberation (seriously, like 10 minutes of going back and forth between several), I decided on this one.

Brilliant Ideas, love it!  And I also got one that is turquoise and says “etc, etc, etc” on the cover (not pictured), because I say that a lot.  Love them and can’t wait to start using them.  For what, I don’t know, but I’m just glad I own them now.

3)  Disney Race Registration
So last week early registration opened up for pass holders for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend in November.  Being a pass holder, I synchronized my watch for 12:00 on Tuesday the 22nd, coordinated with Michele, and we were going to sign up for the Wine and Dine 10K - a new race during the Wine and Dine weekend (usually they just offer a half marathon and 5K).  

At 12:00:12 I logged on to the RunDisney site only to find that it was SOLD OUT.  Umm, really?  I literally logged on as soon as the clock struck 12, and it was sold out.  So I’m convinced that the “early registration” for pass holders only has like 3 available slots.  I was so incredibly peeved by the whole thing I pretty much was like “I’m not running it, I hate Disney races, I’m done.”  Lies, I know.  

Registration for the general public opened up this past Tuesday at noon.  The rub, I pick up Jillian from school at 12:15, so I’m usually driving and nowhere near a computer at 12 on a Tuesday.  So I was just going to give in and not even try.  But Michele was like “can you do it from your phone?”  and I was like “maybe?”  So I left a little early to get Jillian and planned to get to the church by 12 so that I had 15 minutes to try and register for the race.  At 12:00:05 (seriously, I wasn’t letting this one go) I logged on via my phone in the parking lot of church and, by some grace of God, I got in and got registered (maybe it was because I was sitting in a parking lot of a church?).  I don’t know how it happened, but it did.  The bad news, Michele didn’t get in and neither did Hubs (he was going to run the half).  Seriously, Disney race registration has gotten completely out of hand and ridiculous and it’s really become a turn off.  BUT, I’m glad I got in.  Not glad that I will be running it without any friends though.

4)  Lilies

One of Jillian’s teachers had a birthday this week and the other teacher in the class requested that every kid bring a flower to add to a birthday bouquet for the teacher.  Since it was post Easter, lilies were on sale at Publix.  I don’t see lilies that often and I LOOOOOVE lilies (my bridesmaids carried white lilies in our wedding), so I bought a small bouquet of them.  Man, they smell good.  They made the entire house smell so heavenly for a couple of days.  I want all lilies all the time now.

5)  Workouts
Non-existent this week.  I’m not happy with myself.  At all.  I did get one Pilates workout in, but it was like half a workout because Jillian came by and stole my phone mid-session, so that was the end of that.  I’ve been dealing with that whole insomnia thing this week again, so lack of sleep has definitely been a factor.  I WILL turn this around next week. I HAVE TO.  I have a race a soon.  BAH!  

And that’s all.  Happy Friday folks!

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