Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five - April 15

It’s Friday.  In some respects this week flew, in other respects it was like the longest week ever.  Weird how that happens. 

Here’s my Friday Five devoted to, what else, my impending Star Wars half marathon!

Race expos
What is it about race expos that’s so exciting?  I’ve been looking forward to picking up my packet all week long.  I don’t know if it’s just the excitement in the air of an impending race weekend, or the cool stuff at the expo itself, but going to pick up my packet is always fun! 

Will run for Diet Coke. And cinnamon bears. Yes I will. 

And PS, funky hair is due to getting rained on.  As soon as we got there the skies opened up.  Figures.

Star Wars race swag
I laugh when I say swag in reference to a Disney race because despite the exorbitant price tag you get practically NOTHING in your “swag bag.”  For the Disney Marathon weekend I got a GIANT plastic bag (supposed to be your gear check bag) with a trial sized Clif Bar in it.  That’s it.  I kid you not, giant bag, tiny Clif Bar.  No pamphlets, no coupons, I don’t even think I got safety pins.  Such a disappointment.  This race, exact same thing - giant bag, tiny Clif Bar. 

BUT, the race shirt is alllllll I neeeed…check this out! 

My new fave race shirt. 

Star Wars geek geeking out over the shirt a lil bit.

What am I gonna wear? 
I think I'm leaning towards all black. Dark side, hello! Plus they were selling the Leia shirt at the expo, so I have a feeling lots of people will be wearing that one. 

The medal
I have purposely avoided anything where I might have gotten a glimpse of the medal. I wanted to be totally surprised at the end when I got my awesome inaugural Star Wars Dark Side half marathon medal. However, what did they have a life size cutout of when you walked up to the expo? The medal. Ah well.  Might as well pose with it. 

It's cooool. Darth Vader! I may actually have to stop and stand in line for pics during this race - Darth Vader, Storm Troopers... So exciting! 

Does this whole post make me sound geeky?

Leave it to me to muck up the week leading into a half marathon.  My workouts were close to non-existent this week and I’m not happy about it.  Here’s what went down…

Ran 40 min, Pilates Stretch

Pilates Classic I via Daily Burn



Pilates Classic 2 

Adrenaline and excitement, that’s all I need for Sunday, so let’s DO this!  

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