Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Half Marathon Week

It's half marathon week! AKA the week that I think about nothing except my impending half marathon on Sunday. So much to do before Sunday - finalize my playlist, figure out what I'm wearing (I've narrowed it down to two Star Wars themed tops), um, run a little bit - you know get prepared. Exciting! 

But before all that lets chat about the glorious weekend we had. 

On Saturday we had a full (Disney) day planned. It started with breakfast at Chef Mickey's! 

We have been to so many character meals lately I'm getting a little tired of them. But Jillian is not. The smile on her face when she sees Mickey or Minnie is well worth all of the overpriced buffets.  

After breakfast we had plans to meet up with some new friends at Animal Kingdom. On our cruise we were seated at a table with a couple who literally lived down the road from us. What are the odds?! We got to know them on the cruise and hung out and exchanged information so that we could get together when we got home, and Saturday was our first outing. 

They are Disney people like us, so we met up with them and their 9 year old daughter at Animal Kingdom. Jillian was absolutely smitten with Chloe and loved following her around closely all day.  It was so cute. She hasn't stopped talking about her since Saturday. 

The weather on Saturday was beyond perfect - warm but not hot and super sunny - so we wandered around the park and enjoyed our time with our new friends. We even saw some gorilla action! 

The girls named this one Bob. 

We had a great time and left the park around 4:30. Great day! 

On Sunday we putzed around the house and cleaned. Hubs washed my car inside and out which is the best (seriously my car has not been this clean since I bought it). By late afternoon we were itching to get out of the house so we went out to All Star Movies resort to wander around, have some dinner and let Jillian run around on the playground.  It was another gorgeous day weather wise so it was nice to be outside. 

All in all great weekend! 

The week ahead I'm focused on getting ready for the half marathon. I'm beyond getting in any "good" training, so I'm just going to do what I can between now and Sunday, which includes three easy runs and Pilates. And water. I need to drink water like its my job this week. And not eat crap (AKA, no cinnamon bears. But you know I'll be buying a bag to enjoy after the race is over). I can do this!!  

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