Thursday, May 12, 2016

The End.

It’s been a crazy last few weeks, and through it all I’ve come to realize that I need to start putting more focus on things most important to me – family, being more present, being more attentive to things and situations around me.  While I have enjoyed having this blog as my outlet for talking about whatever (and a little bit of running),  the time it takes to keep it going is one of those things that I can put to the side right now. 

So, after almost 5 years (June 14 is the blogiversary), Half Healthy Half Nuts is coming to a close.  I know there aren’t many people out there who made this an everyday read, and that’s okay.  If I made one person smile, or inspired one person out there to go out there and run slow and be you, then I did a pretty good job here.  I have enjoyed sharing my life stuff with whoever was out there to read.  Thanks for that. 

As I said before, this blog has been a great outlet for me and while I will miss it, I know that putting it to bed is a smart thing for me to do.  Take care and thanks for reading! 

… Kerry  :)

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