About Me

Hello!  I’m Kerry, a 30-something gal living in the Orlando, FL area.   

I am married to a wonderful guy (Hubs

And am new mom to baby Jillian, “step-mom” to an awesome 17 year old step-daughter Jordyn and mom to a 18 year old cat named Zeus. 



I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida (class of '99 - woo!) and now work as a Corporate Training Consultant by day and I'm a closet blogging wannabe by night.  I’ve been inspired by so many of the wonderful healthy living blogs out there and thought, why not start one up?  And it's honestly one of the best decisions I have made!

Not too long ago I made a decision.  I wanted to start living a healthier, more active life.  So I started a blog to hold me completely accountable for doing that.  Just like most people  who start a blog, I thought logging my workout trials and tribulations would help me stick to a plan.  And it has!!!  Since starting this blog back in June of 2011, I have completed the Insanity 60 Day Challenge, where I whittled away 10 inches and 5 lbs and gained a boatload of muscle (it was insane).  And I got back into running by training for and running a Half Marathon Relay with Hubs - 8.3 miles (I got the long leg of the relay).

Back into running?  Yes.  See, back in 2006 I decided that I wanted to be a runner.  So I committed myself to a 15K (9.3 miles) happening 5 months from that decision day - this forced me to learn how to run farther than a 5K.  The 15K was a huge success and gave me a love for running that lasted years.  

In those years I ran 2 more 15Ks, and 9 half marathons, and umpteen 5Ks and 10Ks.  But as the time went on, I lost my love for running and training, and just went through the motions, barely training for my later half marathons.  I decided to hang up my running shoes for a while to see if I could renew my passion by taking a hiatus.

The hiatus lasted longer than I wanted it to, and led to months of inactivity and no passion for working out or running.  Enter Half Healthy, Half Nuts.  Once I started the blog I committed myself to working out to lose the lbs I had gained while being inactive and finding that passion again for running and working out.  And here I am!  I even ran my 10th half marathon in January 2012!!  

It sounds silly but this blog has helped me get back on the path to healthy and active.  I have been more focused, and have stuck with exercise and training plans that I would have previously done for a week or two and then quit.  I know what I need to do to be happy and healthy and I'm so proud to say I'm back on track!

Disneyland Half Marathon 2008